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“I’m looking for a bookkeeper… would it be easier to outsource some of these tasks?” If you are in need of a bookkeeper, imagine all the time and effort that must go into finding the right person, training them, and developing back up plan for when they are absent for...

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Taxable Fringe Benefits-What you need to know

The Internal Revenue Service counts fringe benefits—goods, services, and experiences given to employees in addition to wages—as a form of compensation.  In most cases, using your company car for personal use is considered a taxable fringe benefit, and if your small...

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Retirement Plans work for small business

Don’t have a retirement plan for your business.  What’s holding you back? The consuming nature of running a small business often puts retirement plans behind growth plans. This is understandable yet why not have both?  According to a recent survey done by CNBC, an...

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Should you Buy or Lease?

With interest rates at historic lows and real estate just recovering from a downturn, is this the time to purchase commercial real estate and stop leasing your office or warehouse space? If you plan to stay in the same business location for 7 or more years, then...

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