“I’m looking for a bookkeeper… would it be easier to outsource some of these tasks?”

If you are in need of a bookkeeper, imagine all the time and effort that must go into finding the right person, training them, and developing back up plan for when they are absent for planned or, worse,  unplanned reasons.

When considering a new employee and all the costs and planning, outsourcing your accounting and payroll tasks may be the answer you’re looking for. Outsourcing is not for every organization, so here are some ideas to consider when evaluating if it is time to make a change in how you do business.

Are you expecting growth? 

Is it your intention to continue to simultaneously grow your accounting staff to meet the needs of your company’s growth? Outsourcing allows you to scale your accounting needs and keep it affordable, while allowing you to get the controller/CFO services you need to build strategies for the growth.

Is your bookkeeper capable and willing to keep up with industry changes regarding tax and payroll laws? 

Contracting with a professional who puts in continuing education hours to stay up-to-date for your business can save your company significant money and provide peace of mind that you are in compliance.

Who has the password and knowledge to access your accounting records?

Having sufficient checks and balances in place puts you, the business owner, in the best possible position to protect your assets.  Our firm has gone through a rigorous background screening and ongoing reviews to ensure we serve the public in an ethical manner.

G2CFO would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your accounting needs and evaluate whether we can serve you and your business in a way that is financially beneficial.